Ken Lavigne presents Spaghetti Western


Spaghetti Western: The Italian Tenor & the Singing Cowboy

Giddy up and grab your opera glasses, folks! In a concert where Puccini collides with The Prairies and singer Ken Lavigne brings you Spaghetti Western – a foot-tapping, pasta-twirling fiesta where the passion of ‘O Sole Mio’ tangoes with the twang of ‘Take Me Home, Country Roads’. Ever wondered what would happen if Ennio Morricone played a hoedown or if ‘She Taught Me to Yodel’ found its echo in the rolling hills of Tuscany? Well, saddle up, because when the dulcet tones of Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Con te partirò’ meet the rugged charm of a Roy Rogers singing cowboy, you’re in for a night of the unexpected.